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Since entering the Chinese market in 2007, it has been favored by children and parents. After eight years of efforts, we have created an education system for children of different ages in China that is in line with the advanced international standards. With rich experience in the education industry and high quality product resources, interactive multimedia is used as a teaching tool to provide pure American children's English, children's English and children's English for children aged 3-18 years. In the full immersion English environment, stimulate children's interest in English learning, English as the mother tongue freely used.
It has been widely accepted that the educational process begins at the birth of a person and lasts for a lifetime. Some people even think that education can start earlier. Some parents influence the growing fetus in the uterus through external language and music. They hope to give the child positive and healthy development. The word "education" comes from the Latin word "educare", which means "lead out". The society selects talents according to their educational level. People change their social status through education. Education comes into being with the emergence of human society, develops with the development of society, and is always in harmony with human society.
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